The Third Marriage: Season 1

Oct. 23, 2023

Da-ung, who married Sang-hul and has a daughter, is a chef in Bobaejeong. She is a cheerful and positive person who has a small dream of comforting others with delicious food, but she also makes sure to get back at people for their sins. She is heartbroken by the affair between her friend Se-ran and her husband Sang-chul. Se-ran must destroy what she cannot have as she is a self-centered and tortuous woman. For her father’s revenge, she intentionally approaches Da-jung and lives a fake life, but the more she goes on, the more she finds her weak sides. Revenge caused by misunderstanding leads to another revenge. The two women who make the wrong choice in their lives twisted by their parents walk in opposite directions. How will they change when they meet true love in a double revenge full of hatred and resentment?

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